March 2017

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A film isn't finished until it's seen

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FILMS 2017





USA/2016/94 mins/ Dir: Jerome V Green


When a neighborhood drug dealer and his gang decide to infiltrate a local youth track club, they will stop at nothing to increase their bottom line. With the allure of money and prestige, they recruit young kids from the track clubs to transport their drugs using track buttons. It seems like the perfect plan, but standing their way is "Coach Archie Miles" who has a different plan for these inner city kids.



Australia/2016/87 mins/Dir: Shane T Hall


Max, a struggling actor living in South Africa, has flown into Sydney, Australia for the audition of his life. As soon as he lands things start to go horribly wrong when his girlfriend Sallie disappears. Frustrated with the police’s lack of progress in finding her, Max embarks on a desperate search with the help of childhood friend Richard. The pair’s search pushes them to both external and internal extremities in their desperate plight to find Sallie.




Brazil/2016/86 mins/Dir: Rodrigo Grota


Ezequiel, a former professional car racer, returns to his hometown after 15 years to compete in his last race. He finds Stela, an old affair; Angelo, the family patriarch, as well as Pedro, a 16 year-old boy who dreams of being a pilot.



Someday. We'll Know


Hong Kong/2014/30 mins/Dir: Chong Yuen-ping, Edith


The swimming team captain drowned to death in an accident, but his girlfriend and junior teammate had two different points of view about his death. Who is the one really know the truth?



All the Other Things


Russian Federation/2016/24 mins/Dir: Egor Chichkanov


Big family in the middle of a rather chaotic move from their family nest, a large apartment where all of them have lived most of their lives. The eldest son, along with numerous relatives, is trying to get his mother to open the door after she has locked herself in her room and refused to leave.





Brazil/2016/20 mins/Dir: Muriel Paraboni


A man and a woman relive moments of their lives transfigured on the landscape of a beach. Past, present and future merge in the cadence of the waters, which come and go revolving memories and old silences. So the characters go through a sort of trail of desire, leading the edge

of the abyss of themselves, where all days born and die,

the horizon of all passes, all eventides.



The Insect and the Alien


Australia/2016/17 mins/Dir: Jason Fitzgerald


An amateur entomologist follows a self-proclaimed "alien" on a mountain expedition, desperate to immortalise his dead wife through the discovery of a new insect species.



Tussle in the Backwoods


Brazil/2016/14 mins/Dir: Fabio Miranda


A group of farmers were traveling by truck until a road accident caused them to finish the trip on foot. While they were walking they had to face a mysterious creature.





Canada/2016/11 mins/Dir: Jeremy McCracken


A young boy deals with his grief through baseball.



Theatre Company Gutless Sexy Guys


Japan/2016/7 mins/Dir: Kaihei HASE


Poor actor and silent director who has launched a theater company. Today is the Day of briefings for the new company members. However, no matter how wait joined seekers also did not come.





Russian Federation/2016/5 mins/Dir: Vis Vitalis


...On the roadside of a country road a parked car.  A lonely man unsuccessfully tries to fix the breakage, refusing the help of passing drivers.  Who is that man?.. And what does he want? But don`t worry: he`ll get it done. And you`re welcome to unexpected and cruel final...





USA/2016/3 mins/Dir: Ariel Jew


When his grandfather passes, a young Haida boy decides to finish the totem pole that they had started, using the memories that they had together.





USA/2016/2 mins/Dir: Daniel Olivas


A lonely woman becomes embraced by a fantastic garden only to learn the importance of keeping beauty intact.